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Wellesley Community Needs Survey - A Response to COVID-19

Back when the pandemic restrictions started, what seems like forever ago, the community team at the Wellesley Township Community Health Centre (WTCHC) created a survey monkey survey and sent it out to the community. I'd like to share some of what we found: There were 86 respondents in total.

1. What town do you live in?

2. How old are you?

When asking about children or youth in the home, nearly 70% of respondents identified they did have kids. We wanted to know what ages their children were. This is what they said:

We asked folks what might be helpful to them during this stressful time?

We also asked our respondents if there was anything else they needed or would like to add. Some of their answers include:

- Ways to engage still as a community- town clean ups, walks all things that can be done via social distancing while still encouraging community.

- Community-level group activities the adults can do via Internet (book clubs, coffee meetups by Zoom, etc) so the adults do not go bananas

- Assistance navigating as a self employed person that had to close their business and now has no income source

- More about what social distancing looks like and what everyone should be doing

- Are there live people online that we can talk to about our mounting concerns?

- Use of social media, maybe different challenges. Facebook live events? Or "movie nights" through online joint screening systems. How to information for those who might not know how to use different apps to stay connected. Information on local businesses selling food items- ie what farms have fresh eggs etc

- Financial aid options for small business owners whose salaries are dependent on the business and where to apply and obtain this aid.

- Stay safe, we appreciate everything you do for us

It has been some time since this survey went out and things have changed so many times so we would love to put together another survey to see how the folks we serve are doing and what they might be needing at this time. Please watch for it in the coming days on this blog! Do you have any comments or suggestions for the next survey? Anything you'd like us to know? Please feel free to send us a comment in our comment box at the bottom of our blog page! Be well


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