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Virtual Cooking Series with Mandy - Tofu Stir-Fry!

Spring is getting closer to us! You may want to prepare yourself with a youthful spirit and body to welcome and embrace Spring. There are so many options in terms of fruits and vegetables that are now in season as well as recipe ideas that will inspire you throughout the month of March. The recipe for this month, tofu stir-fry, will help to wake up your body, promote your digestive tract and boost your immunity!

This month's theme is "Eat Without Meat" for Mandy's class. She introduced to us the concept of using tofu as an alternative to meat during todays cooking class (it was brand new for many of us). It turns out, not only is it delicious but it is very easy to implement into your meals! Check out Mandy's tofu stir-fry below, along with some information about black rice, tofu, and the recipe and instructions below.

About Black Rice
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Tofu stir-fry
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About Tofu
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