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Tips for Packing School Lunches

As back-to-school season approaches, the task of preparing school lunches for your children emerges once again! Packing school lunches is often an overwhelming, time-consuming, and costly endeavour. Preparing a well-balanced school lunch that not only supports healthy growth and development, but also aligns with taste preferences, cultural factors, and budget constraints requires thoughtful planning. Don't fret! Here are some quick tips to assist in the lunch-making process this back-to-school season:

1. Balance Nutrients

A well-balanced lunch will help your child stay focused and energized throughout the day. A balanced meal consists of vegetables and fruit, protein foods, and whole grains.

Check out Canada’s Food Guide for a treasure trove of information and ideas on creating balanced meals for your children:

2. Plan and Prep ahead

It's no secret that weekdays during the school year are busy for families. When it comes to packing lunches during these busy months, it's tempting to resort to pre-packaged food items. Although these items offer convenience, they are often high in salt, sugar, and saturated fats. Not to mention, these kits can also be very expensive. Planning ahead for school lunches saves time, money, and stress, and can make for more nutrient dense meals!

Keep in mind that simplicity and repetition is OK! Also, consider packing lunches the night before- you’ll thank yourself during those busy mornings.

3. Involve your kiddos

Getting your children involved in school lunch preparation helps to encourage healthy eating habits, motivates them to eat and enjoy their meals and snacks, and teaches invaluable life skills.

Check out this awesome article from Unlockfood that offers ideas on age-appropriate ways your kids can get involved in the lunch-making process:

4. Opt for reusable containers

Reusable lunch containers are environmentally and budget friendly choices that reduce single-use plastic waste and save money in the long run.

Bento boxes are a great leak proof packaging option that help with portioning foods and reduce waste. Many affordable Bento box options are available on Amazon and in stores.

5. Just Add Water!

Although juice boxes are often favoured by youngsters, they are high in sugar. When it comes to hydration, Canada’s Food Guide recommends plain and simple water! Send a reusable water bottle for your kiddos to school each day.

Tip from a teacher: label your child’s water bottle with their name :)

Blog Written by Summer Club Staff, Morgan M.



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