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Sunny Summer Strollin'

While it’s always good to take some time relaxing by the computer to check out the wellness blog, today we would also like to spotlight some of the outdoors walking trails around Woolwich so that you can take advantage of the beautiful spring weather, the new blooms, and spring songbirds!

It appears that wildflowers are out in full bloom and most trees are in blossom. It truly is beautiful outside and I for one have been trying to take advantage of the weather. Walking along the trail in St. Jacobs this morning, I was able to spot a goldfinch, a handful of cardinals, two blue jays and a downy woodpecker. Unfortunately, the trail is closed by the train bridge, but it’s still open down at the firehall where it appears the beavers are hard at work. Some trees appear to have been chewed down closer to the water, but there looks to be a lot of new plants springing up too.

I sat for a few minutes hoping to get a bird to land in my palm… No luck today, but maybe you will fare better! I would really recommend taking some time in the upcoming week to go and smell the flowers sometime this week. After a long winter it just feels so refreshing to be outside where there’s warmth and a good breeze. Not to mention, the bugs aren’t quite at their worst yet!

If you’re looking for a new place to visit, Woolwich Trails ( does a great job of reporting the region’s trails, as well as which are currently open. There are trails all around the region of different lengths which I hope you will come outside and enjoy as well!


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