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Spring Cleaning with the KW Professional Organizers

Samantha & Emilio are back to share their expertise with decluttering your household and have shared many useful resources with our community! Check out the recording of the session below along with some of the resources they have shared!

If you'd like to reach out to Samantha & Emilio, check out their website here:

Emilio also hosts a podcast show where he discusses how to live intentionally on topics such as home organization, selfcare, minimalism, time management, meal planning, finances, paper management, and digital organanzation. Feel free to check out his podcast show here:

Check out this video here on declutter visualization meditation:

The KW Professional Organizers have also created a mini-series to share the process of decluttering and organizing Judie's apartment. You can watch that series here:

You can also check out their YouTube page here to see other videos that have created

A great question was asked during the session on how to stay motivated when cleaning, decluttering, and organizing your home. KW Professional Organizers have shared this resource to help you with that here:

Some attendees from the session have also shared some helpful tips.

Places that take electronic waste:

  • Reality Bytes in Elmira

  • BestBuy (you can bring in a box of electronics and drop them off with an employee at the front)

  • Dundee Recycling in New Dundee, they will even give you a few dollars for your "junk"!

  • for free electronic waste disposal


  • Facebook groups/marketplace or to get rid of unwanted items for free or to make a few bucks

  • 519 Community Collective gathers furniture and household items for folks in the region who are facing hard times. There are links on their website for information regarding donations.

  • MCC Thrift on Kent will pick up large items.

  • Also check out habitat for Humanity and Worth a Second Look:

12 Questions to Ask When Letting Go of Difficult Items.
Download PDF • 239KB

How to get started decluttering
Download PDF • 431KB

Download PDF • 148KB

Spring Cleaning To-Do List
Download PDF • 49KB

Stress Test - Life Change Index Scale - Emilio Jose Garcia
Download PDF • 13KB


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