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Oh the places you can go... part 2!

While quarantine continues, we keep pressing on. But, since we are all trapped at home, why not have some fun?

You've already visited several places in the first post "Oh the places you can go..." but there are so many more things that we can do!

In this first link, NASA is inviting you to travel throughout outer space! They are giving you access to its entire media library, including pictures, videos, and audio clips. They show pictures of space, astronauts, and so much more!

If you follow this link, it will allow you to be a tourist in your own home! You can travel around Ottawa, looking at the rich history that Canada has and see where it all began!

In these next two links, you can experience something truly magical! Both links offer you access to Harry Potter and the World of Wizardry. The first link allows for you to take courses from the famed school, Hogwarts.

This second link is still Harry Potter themed, but is a virtual escape room! Look for clues and answers as you look to get out of Hogwarts!

Drew Ballak

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