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Music & Wellness

Hello All, my name is Amelia Ballak and I am the newest member of the community health team. I am a certified music therapist and registered psychotherapist.

As we move into the summer season, you may be thinking about sitting by a pool, travelling, and relaxing OR you may be preparing for your busy summer season of working or farming. Regardless of what this season holds for you, you may be considering how to “make the most” of the weather, and how it can impact your health and wellness.

Have you considered the impact music might play on your health and wellness?

Maybe you have used music to help you focus on studying or work. Perhaps blasting music in your car gets you excited for where you’re going. You could have even put on a sad song when you’re feeling down, and it gives you the space for a good cry.

When we engage in music, we are stimulating all areas of our brain; it impacts our body, our memory, our speech, and our emotions. It can decrease pain, support rehabilitation, and motivate movement. Music connects us with ourselves, and also connects us with others

So how can you use music to positively impact your health and wellness?

I want to encourage you to check in with yourself – how are you feeling? What do you need right now?

If you’re feeling nervous, exhausted, or worn out, what would it look like to put on your favourite music? The classic “sing in the shower” or “dance in your room” kind of songs that make you feel good!! Are you missing someone in your life? If there is a song that brings back a joyful memory of them, can you give yourself space to listen to that music, and reminisce?

Maybe you need to calm your anxious mind. Try putting on a piece of music you enjoy, and focus on one part of the music – the lyrics, a specific instrument or sound. Give yourself space to listen to that one specific element in the music, and see if your mind can focus on it for the entire song. This increases our awareness, and can ground us from our anxious thoughts.

Regardless of your musical skills, experiences, and preferences, music can impact us all. Let’s use it to our advantage.

“Music is the universal language of mankind” – Henry Wadsworth


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