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Keeping safe on the water

Summer is finally here and everyone is anxious to get outside and enjoy nature. Family picnics and trips to the beach will hopefully be happening again.

Being close to the water brings some safety issues with it as well. One of the leading causes of death in children is drowning, either in the family backyard pool or in a lake while on vacation. This tragedy can only be avoided with constant supervision and wearing proper life jackets when out on the water. Everyone should be wearing a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) while boating.

Water has a special attraction to children. They love to play in it and don’t understand the danger. A small child can drown in a bucket of water when they dive head first into it and cannot get out again. A water trough set up in the farmyard for animals can also pose a risk for an inquisitive child.

In the spring, the creeks and ponds on family farms are running fuller than normal. The banks can be slippery and it is easy to slide into the water and be drawn under the surface before help arrives. Younger children should always have an adult accompany them as they spend time near water or fishing.

Children move very quickly and be at the edge of a pool or dock in a hurry. Constant supervision of young children will avoid a tragedy that can happen all too fast.


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