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Oh the places you can go...

It's been a just over a month of Quarantine, and people might be looking for something to do. Well, one of the perks of this quarantine is that many different organizations are offering free programs to help people cope with these strange times! Here are 4 links of places offering virtual tours of amazing spectacles around the world! First is NASA. Yes, Nasa! They are looking for your help! They want you to play a game that identifies coral reefs across the globe. Crazy thing is they are real coral reefs in the oceans! This link describes what they are offering and as you read it has the link that will take you directly to the free game that NASA is offering!  Help NASA Map Actual Coral Reefs

Is the ocean not your thing? How about checking out one of the greatest civilizations on earth? By following this link, it will take you to a tomb in Egypt. You will be able to tour the tomb and see what ancient Egyptians did for their Pharaohs. Check it out! For added fun get mummified and pretend you're looking at your own tomb! (Make sure your parents/guardians are ok with you using toilet paper)

These next two links will also take you into the past! Both links will take you to multiple museums around the world! It will enable you the opportunity to see the past through art, cultures, empires, wildlife and so much more! World Famous Natural History Museum

These are four of many free opportunities available to be explored! Take a look yourself or stayed tuned for future posts with many more different free and fun opportunities! Have fun!!

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