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Getting The Most From Your Healthcare Appointments

Danielle and Sharon from Langs gave us a wonderful presentation today about Getting The Most From Your Healthcare Appointments. Today's healthcare landscape can be complex and overwhelming, making it essential for individuals to maximize the value of their healthcare appointments. In our recent session, "Getting The Most From Your Healthcare Appointment," Danielle and Sharon shared invaluable insights and resources to empower participants in taking charge of their health journeys.

The session began with an emphasis on the importance of preparation. Danielle and Sharon highlighted that being proactive before the appointment significantly contributes to a more productive interaction with healthcare professionals. They provided a checklist of items to consider, such as jotting down symptoms, questions, and concerns, and bringing along relevant medical records and a list of current medications.

During the session, the dynamic duo delved into effective communication strategies. They stressed the significance of clear and open communication with healthcare providers, encouraging participants to actively engage in discussions about their health. Danielle and Sharon offered practical tips on how to articulate symptoms, ask relevant questions, and seek clarification on medical information, fostering a collaborative approach to healthcare.

One standout feature of the session was the array of wonderful resources provided. Danielle and Sharon provided curated tools and guides to aid participants in navigating their healthcare appointments. These resources are designed to empower individuals to manage their health information and communicate effectively with healthcare professionals.

Danielle and Sharon emphasized the importance of post-appointment follow-up. They shared guidance on reviewing and understanding the information provided during the appointment and followed through on any recommended tests, medications, or lifestyle changes. This holistic approach ensures that individuals continue to actively participate in their healthcare journey beyond the confines of the doctor's office.

"Getting The Most From Your Healthcare Appointment" was an enlightening and empowering session. Thanks to Danielle and Sharon's expertise, participants were left armed with practical tools and knowledge to make the most out of their healthcare interactions. By being prepared before, engaged during, and proactive after appointments, individuals can take charge of their health and build strong, collaborative relationships with their healthcare providers. Here's to a healthier and more informed approach to healthcare for all!

Check out the resources they provided below! If you'd like paper copies, feel free to visit me (Tariq) at the Woolwich Community Health Centre and I can provide you with a paper copy. Send me an email in advance to let me know you're coming at

General CD and CP flyer
Download PDF • 122KB

GTM Hand out resource page-Editable_FINAL
Download PDF • 498KB

Medication Log
Download PDF • 23KB

Teach Back- Participant card_revised for online
Download PDF • 443KB


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