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Fire Safety with Woolwich Fire Prevention Officers

In our commitment to community safety, we recently hosted a workshop on Fire Safety, featuring insightful discussions by Woolwich Fire Prevention Officers. The workshop aimed to equip attendees with strategies and knowledge to prevent fires in their homes. For those who missed the live event, fear not – the recording is now available, allowing you to catch up on essential tips and life-saving information.

Smoke Alarms and Early Detection:

Woolwich Fire Prevention Officers emphasized the critical role of smoke alarms in early fire detection. The recording highlights discussions on proper installation, maintenance, and the importance of regular testing to ensure these devices function optimally.

Accessing the Recording:

For those eager to delve into the recording of the workshop, you can watch it below!

Continuing the Conversation:

Fire safety is an ongoing conversation, and we encourage our community members to share their thoughts, experiences, and additional questions on our social media platforms. Engage with us on [Facebook, Twitter, or other social media handles] using the hashtag #FireSafetyWorkshop, and let's build a safer community together.


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