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Farm Machinery Operators and Motorists Reminded to Share the Road Safely

The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA), in support of Canada Road Safety Week, encourages motorists and farm machinery operators alike to pay attention, drive carefully and share the road. Canada Road Safety Week takes place May 16-23.

To highlight the importance of being safe on roadways, CASA has developed resources, including social media posts, public service announcements, and safety advice articles, with tips and information for motorists and farm machinery operators. This information and links to other organizations and resources are all made available on CASA’s webpage.

“May signals one of the busiest times for farms across the country. It’s an ideal time to remind motorists and farm machinery operators that road safety is a shared responsibility,” says Andrea Lear, CASA’s Chief Executive Officer. “Regardless of how busy we are, where we are going or what we’re driving, it’s crucial to pay attention and respect each other on roadways.”

According to Canadian Agricultural Injury Reporting (CAIR) data, there were 33 deaths due to traffic collisions between 2011 and 2020 compared to 59 fatalities between 2003 and 2012.

“Although it’s encouraging to see CAIR reporting less fatalities due to traffic collisions between motorists and farm machinery operators,” Lear says. “It continues to be essential to encourage all Canadians to pay attention and drive defensively so that everyone reaches their destination safely.”

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The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and safety of farmers, their families, and agricultural workers. For more information, visit, find us on Facebook or LinkedIn, or follow us on Twitter @planfarmsafety.


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