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A Simple and Easy Experiment Demonstrating the Importance of Proper Hand Washing!

Here are two youtube videos that show the importance of hand washing. The first video shows a very simple experiment involving water, pepper, and soap.

Obviously, this shows how effective soap is when washing germs off of our hands! But, when it comes to germs, they can easily spread around and cover your whole hand. This makes it important to properly wash your hands, with the most effective technique. Below is another video demonstrating best practice for the most efficient way to wash your hands.

As you can see, the best practice removed almost all the germs! And to make things better, it only took 20 seconds (Singing Happy Birthday or the ABC's generally takes 20 seconds, so get singing!) But, how did they wash their hands? What did they do exactly to make it so effective? Watch this video, as it will take you through a step by step practical video of how to wash your hands as best as possible. 

This is the simplest way of slowing the spread of germs. It is also a very effective way of helping to protect ourselves from any viruses that may be effecting us. So, remember to wash your hands properly and for at least 20 seconds to get the best results! Stay safe and healthy!

Drew Ballak


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